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Why should you choose DROPIDEA


About us

DROPIDEA It is a company that provides programming, development, and maintenance services for websites, applications, and desktop applications, in addition to e-marketing, website translation, and chatbots, in addition to marketing consulting, motion video design, animation, and audio in the Arab region. Our ability to combine extensive experience in the most challenging global markets with our goals in the Middle East allows us to achieve the best results in these areas. 

DROPIDEA  It is a company that directs its full focus to provide its services in the Middle East and the Arab world. Based on its location in Jordan and Turkey, it is keen DROPIDEA To provide distinguished services and amazing results to all its customers in the Middle East and the Arab world. DROPIDEA provides assistance to all customers in the scope of reaching the desired results, and our expertise includes tremendous technologies in the field of social networking sites, advertising promotion, and Arab localization of businesses and products, we work in DROPIDEA We work with many businesses companies and provide them with new doors in the ever-renewing Arab market.

Advantages of our services

✔ Various payment systems

You can pay money via any payment option we offer

✔ Superior quality and professionalism in getting the job done

You will not be disappointed with the quality of our services

✔ Fast fulfillment of orders 

The delivery time of the order from our website is very short.

✔ Low costs 

You will be surprised at the cost of our services.

Drop idea

Our goals

E-Marketing is the marketing strategy for a specific product or service via the Internet, where the principle of e-marketing is based on promoting and advertising goods and selling them to customers through websites, and it is considered one of the most developed topics related to business during the last period, and it has now become one of the most important indicators of The success or failure of some companies.

With the development of technology and the increase in dealing with smart devices and websites, it has become necessary to go with the current and use technology for marketing, and to achieve the goal of marketing, many goals must be achieved.

Publicize the company/website branding 

Access the company/site to global markets

Increasing the company's profits by attracting potential customers

 Strengthening the relationship between the product and customers

Determine the target group to advancement of work

Reduce marketing costs


Contact the DROPIDEA team

Contact us for any questions, inquiries or business proposals

Thank you for writing to us. The team will contact you again and respond to your inquiries as soon as possible

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