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Email marketing plan

The marketing plan is an important component of any company's business plan because it expresses the company's goals and desire to be successful in the market, so the plan becomes a general guide for achieving the company's goals.
The marketing plan is your first way to get the best results for a certain period of time, and you can measure its effectiveness and develop it after the period ends.

DROPIDEA | Marketing plans

Advantages of creating a marketing plan before starting the project:

  • Starting your project in the marketing right way.

  • A plan is the path in which you will move over a certain period of time.

  • Measuring, monitoring, and constantly amending results.

  • Reach your target customers who are interested in your field.

  • Stand out from competitors with your marketing plan.

  • You can know the marketing cost spent during a specific period and follow the profit return from it.

Contents of the marketing plan:

1- Analyze your competitors and analyze your business.
2- Determine the competitive advantage of the project.
3- Set appropriate marketing goals for your goal in building your company or project.
4- Determine the means to achieve the goals of e-marketing, whether (marketing on social media, placing paid ads on social media and Google, preparing the site internally and externally to appear in the first results of SEO search engines, writing the appropriate marketing content in the area of your project).
5- Determine the marketing budget for your project to ensure success and obtain returns from your marketing.

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