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Design images and logos for your company

Now with DROPIDEA, do not worry about how you can design images, logos, and advertisements for your own business. You can now request the service and it will be delivered to you according to the required specifications, with the freedom to modify it by you up to 20 times. All you are required to do is fill out the request below and we will contact you to discuss the details.

About us 👍 

1- Our designs are exclusive and non-repeating ideas.
2- We have extensive design experience and high knowledge of copyright
3- At least four years of experience designing T-shirts specifically for Merch by Amazon

4- Experience in designing logos for large, small, and emerging companies for a period of no less than seven years

Specifications 😍
1- Choose the design based on your request or our design taste
2- PNG or according to your request
3- Design resolution 300 dpi or upon your request
4- Dimensions according to your request and based on the type of request submitted by you 

What do we offer 😎

1- Designing a complete identity for large, small and emerging companies.

2- Logo design according to the specifications you desire

3- Design images for T-shirts according to the platform you are working on. 

4- Editing and modifying images as required.

5- Designing images for your advertising campaigns on any communication platform or website.

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