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Terms of delivery and return

Delivery and return terms of DROPIDEA:

1. Return period:

Customers have a period of one week (7 days) to submit return requests starting from the date the project is received.

2. Return conditions:

The client can request a return if the project is not delivered according to the agreed specifications.
The project must be in its original state and not modified in any way.

3. Return procedures:

The Customer must notify DROPIDEA of its desire to retrieve the Project via authorized email (
The reason will be evaluated and necessary action will be taken to meet the client's requirements.

4. Project delivery period:

Drop Idea is committed to delivering the project according to the timetable agreed upon during the contracting process.

5. Return costs:

There are no costs for refunds if the project is not delivered according to agreement.

6. Quality guarantee:

Drop Idea provides a guarantee for the quality of the services provided and is committed to meeting the customer’s requirements.

7. Compensation:

In the event of non-compliance with the schedule or delivery of a project that does not meet requirements, appropriate compensation may be negotiated for the client.

8. Amendments:

The client may request additional modifications within the agreed project limits, and the cost of modifications may be reviewed if they affect the agreed scope of work.

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